Bathroom Remodeling

A Bathroom Remodeling Team You Can Trust

We know the decision to remodel a bathroom is a big one. It’s very exciting but also we understand that like with any big decision there are concerns and questions that need to be addressed.

We specialize in bathroom remodeling in the Charleston, SC Tri-County area of Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester. We are professionally bonded, licensed, and insured.

As part of our one-on-one free consultation service, we will answer any and all questions, including common questions like:

  • Who will be in my home?
  • How long will the project take?
  • Do you have references?
  • What is your experience and training?
  • Will I be consulted on materials used?
  • Will there be adequate ventilation?

We believe in full transparency and honesty with our clients. It’s about more than our reputation; it’s about who we are, our values, and as your fellow community members. The more comfortable you are with the project, its scope, and your expectations the better a job we can do for you. Our friends at HomeAdvisor have a great set of 11 questions to ask your bathroom remodeling contractor and it is our intention to address all of them before we officially begin a project.